If you wish to report a copyright infringement, we
require you to send us a proper notification. All notices
should act in accordance with the notification
requirements of Copyright laws in effect. You are
required to provide the following information:

1. Identify the copyrighted work that allegedly has been
infringed. If multiple copyrighted works at a single
online site are involved, please provide a list of the
works on that site.

2. Describe the material that is claimed to be infringing
and provide sufficient information to permit to locate that material.

3. Provide your contact information, including an
address, telephone number, and, if available, an e-mail

4. Certify or include a statement that the complainant
has a good faith belief that the use of the copyright-
protected material in the manner complained of is not
authorized by the copyright owner, the owner’s agent,
or law.

5. Certify that the information that you have provided is accurate. The complainant should attest under penalty of perjury that s/he is authorized to enforce the copyrights that have allegedly have been infringed.

To send a notification, please contact us – You must include the
information above, or it may be ignored.